My Thoughts on the Love Theme

Love, quite possibly one of the most complicated things on Earth, given the fact that with love pretty much nothing is black and white. Everyone has so many different perspectives on love, there is no one true way to love, in other words, it’s subjective. I believe that the poems that we were given had good reflections on that truth, otherwise the readings just acted as good examples as to what a few of the many types of love are.

When I think about how complicated love is, the poem “Love is just complicated” by Tupac Shakur. I liked the poem because of how it talks about how crazy love can be by using his own experience with love after being unfaithful, “I thought I wanted A, but A was too mixed up with B, then C made me more confused, so A turned off me and B feels better. C is upset and lonely and me, I think Love is complicated,” (Shakur).  At first he had thought that he knew what he wanted, that he had found his love, only to find that other people also attracted his love, and he began to get confused. I think that the poem perfectly describes how fluctuating love is, not to say I agree with cheating, but at times people think that they know what they want only to find the rug pulled from under them.

The other story I wanted to go over was “Sister Godzilla” by Louise Erdrich because as I was answering the discussion post, I started to think about the different types of love that are said to exist. The relationship between Dot and the nun is what made me interested in the types of love in the first place, because it certainly wasn’t romantic but more of a familial or friendly love. That became clear the moment she started to love the nun with the words, “She knew that the strange feelings that had come upon her were the same feelings that Mary Anita had felt. Dot had never felt another person’s feelings, never in her life,” (Erdrich). This exchange of feelings is much like something that would happen between a close friend or family member, so by confessing to Dot how much she had suffered from bullying, the nun had formed a bond with Dot. The story was also just nice overall, with Dot trying to protect Sister Mary from the bullying now that she knows how much it hurts her. It really is such a good example of a close bond, forged by an exchange of heavy feelings from one person to another.

The theme as a whole was really nice, love isn’t really something that I look into a whole lot so it was a good change of pace for me. From heartbreak, to romantic poems of admiration, I would say the theme gave me a pretty good look on the different sides of love there is. Although I have never really been interested in these types of works before, I’ll probably look into it a little bit more now. Romance has never been my thing, but I think that’s why these works were so fun to read. (534)

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